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Testimonial (Oceaneering)

Oceaneering purchased two custom Built Explorex Caravans as mobile darkrooms for our remote pipelines testing operations in the North West.
“Our custom built darkroom vans by Explorex Caravans were an integral part of our 100 million dollar Tanami pipeline project. The vans worked in an isolated stretch of the Tanami desert south of Granites mine in the NT. They allowed us to weld 440KM of pipeline in just 74 working days, towing excellently along rough dirt tracks providing a very cool, comfortable dust free area to process the digital image plates. We loved that they were problem free in the extreme conditions and met our expectations in all respects. We would certainly order more vans for future projects”Where was the pipeline project exactly? (Tanami desert?)  it ran parallel to the Tanami track south from Granites mine

  1. How long was the pipeline and how long did it take to build? 440KM welded in 74 working days
  2. How did the Explorex van perform when being towed on dirt roads?  Excellent no issues at all
  3. Why was the Explorex van so important?  they provided a dust free area to process the  digital image plates
  4. How was working inside the van? Comfortable?  Very comfortable with the twin air cons
  5. How did the van hold up in the extreme conditions?  No issues and both vans came back in one piece.
  6. What was the one thing you loved most about the van? Problem free
  7. How much did the project cost? not sure but I would guess for the whole project   80-100 million
  8. Did the van meet your expectations? Yes in all respects
  9. Could the project have been done without our vans? How important were they? the tow-along darkrooms are an integral part of our operation
  10. Would you buy more vans off us again for future projects?  Yes


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