“Steel Wheels” Bullo @ Shark Bay

Just received an email from John “Steel Wheels” and Lea Bullock, customers who are currently on a trip North, now in Shark Bay. John claimed the name “Steel Wheels” while helping out recently on the Explorex stand at the caravan show. John and Lea own our domestic caravan # 4, built in 2009. While looking at our updates in the vans, John commented that ” ours is so old, it came with Steel Wheels” !!

John and Lea have had some great trips in their van, along with their two dogs Millie and Albert. The first trip in 2009 travelling across Australia without stopping at one caravan park. Here are some comments from Lea at Shark Bay…

Howdy guys,

Just thought we would send a pic of us rough’n it again in the Explorex. Great spot…great kayaking…day & nights warmer…no baits…no prickles…no flies…only a couple of midgies…fish are a bit lite on but Johns out there giving it a go 🙂 

Cheers, “Bullo’s”

Good luck John & Lea, hope they start biting soon!!??

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