Prospecting with Explorex Caravans

Explorex received some great feedback from a happy customer, prospecting for gold recently at an UNNAMED location!! The trip was apparently a success, well done Graeme. Please see Graeme’s comments below.

Graeme’s Review: We chose Explorex to supply us with our ‘van after much looking around and checking out the other makes and models. Quality of construction and fittings, extensive warranty period (doubt that will ever be needed ..they are so well built)….and the no pressure to purchase attitude of the sales team along with the pride they all show in their product made the decision an easy one for us…it simply ticked all the boxes for us Now 3 years on our Tanami model has proved itself under some seriously hard going off road conditions ( and I mean off road…not just off bitumen)…..It tows like a dream without any load torsion bars required…sits stable and non sway at any speed …we normally travel around 95kph but it has been up well over that briefly on an unplanned occasion and towed straight as….very safe Greg and the team are very approachable, straight up front and a pleasure to deal with


Explorex Caravans Prospecting


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