With lots of people heading North to remote locations, it is a good time to remind our customers of some tips for a safe and enjoyable journey. Remember, your RIG is your responsibility, and how you treat it will determine your experience…


LOADING – Make sure you are balanced, and not over loaded. You must be within the ATM specifications of your van. We suggest a ball weight of 200 to 250 kgs is good to maintain good towing characteristics, but make sure your vehicle is rated and can carry this load. Air bags are a great idea to keep your RIG level.



DRIVE TO THE CONDITIONS. Road conditions during these busy times deteriorate quickly, so be prepared to SLOW DOWN AND ENJOY THE JOURNEY when on poor surfaces and bad corrugations. There are no secret ways to avoid damage from the constant shaking form corrugations, just SLOW DOWN!!!


TYRE PRESSURES. We get lots of customers ask us about ideal Tyre Pressures. These will vary on the load of the van, the conditions and surface. Ultimately experience and local knowledge will help here. Ask other travellers what tyre pressure they are using? Obviously reducing tyre pressure on corrugated roads will provide more “give” in the suspension of your van. Reducing 20psi is not uncommon, but remember this will “bulge” the tyre and make it more prone to side wall punctures. Vary them, try them, see what suits your load.


WHEEL ALIGNMENT. Once you are loaded and ready to go, we suggest an electronic wheel alignment on your van. The balance of your load will change these characteristics, so for the best result, get this done before you leave.


CHECK YOUR RIG. Have your van serviced before any big trip, and regularly check your rig for wear and tear. We have a 12 point service available to all customers before you leave, including bearing inspections and replacements where required.


TIGHTEN WHEEL NUTS!! We even put a sticker on your door..!!!
140nm of torque is our recommended on our 5 stud pattern, alloy rims. Check them each week!


BE PREPARED. On our trip on the Gibb River Road in 2015, we were “sand bogged”, stuck on a tree, and broke a water fitting. If you don’t have an axe, recovery gear, and some spares, you shouldn’t be there….!!



BASIC TOOLS. Cary a set of basic tools, including Screwdrives, pliers, spanners and duct tape.


WATER WATER WATER…..Have a 20lt container “spare” tucked away somewhere as your backup supply.


HAVE A TRIP PLAN. Tell someone where you are going, and for how long. It is great if you have some communication, but have a plan and keep someone informed.


Enjoy your travels in this great state of ours. Choose your route carefully, listen to other travellers and locals,  slow down and enjoy the ride……


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